In-Company Training

GDPR Project Team Training

A GDPR Project Team with the charter to help the organization become GDPR Compliant is facing many challenges. What clauses in GDPR are relevant for the organization? Where to start and how to set up a Register of Processing Activities? How to raise awareness within the organization and how to conduct a Risk Assessment? We deliver trainings and coaching to help Project Teams to get up to speed. Our experience prevents the Team to waste time and money on less relevant topics or too much detail. It's easy to drown in GDPR clauses, so let us help you focus on the priorities.

Privacy Awareness Training

The level of Compliance largely depend on the day-to-day behavior of your staff. Are they aware of the risks and implications of the GDPR when it comes to simple things like sending files, storing data on their home PC, answering questions of data subjects? We provide In-Company awareness trainings for your staff. And we always finetune these training to your specific context and needs. There is no one-size-fits-all.


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